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Save on Government Tenders

Taxpayers 10% of the sales tax is owned by government and other companies and non-taxpayers pay 15% on the sale of state-owned goods or other companies. On the basis of contracts, those who do not file pay a 15 percent tax while 7.5% are paid by the filers and pay a 15% tax on the mortgage bond awards and the non-filers pay a 25% tax on the same amount. Preferences in Govt. tenders and saving in taxes. For filers the tax is 7.5 and 15 percent tax for the persons who are non-filers. On auctions tax ratio for both will be: filers – 10 %, for Non-filers – 15 %

Profit from Banking

Non-filers pay 15% tax on banknotes and savings program and 10% on filers, filers pay 4.5% of the assets on public and private companies as compared to filers, who see files pay 9% tax . Filers do not pay tax on bankruptcy (bankruptcy check, payment order, and draft) while non-filers have to pay Rs 600 as tax on each bank transaction. On the basis of contracts, those who file do not pay 15% on the other hand and file 7.5% and filers pay 15% on bond bond awards and non-filers pay a 25% tax on the same amount. Similarly, the filers pay 12% tax on the commission amount and the taxpayers or non-filers pay 15% tax on the same. When all this tax is applied

On withdrawals of over Rs. 50,000On Payment Order, Demand Draft or similar tool reaches more than 25,000On Online Money Transfer by 25,000On addition to tax on the sale of the required amount, payment order etc. All banking activities.

Low Token Tax on Vehicle

The token tax for persons who are filers lies between Rs 800 and Rs 10,000. While token tax for the persons who are  non-filers is doubled between Rs 1200 and Rs 30,000.

Vehicles TypesVehicles CategoriesEngine Capacity/SeatsAmount (in Rs.)
Two/Three Wheeler Vehicles Motorcycle/ScooterUpto 200 cc1,000 (Lifetime)
Motorcycle/Scooter 201 cc to 400 cc 2,000 (Lifetime)
Motorcycle/Scooter401 cc and Above 5,000 (Lifetime)
Four Wheeler Vehicles
Private / Government Upto 1000 cc 10,000 (Lifetime)
Private / Government From 1001 cc to 1300 cc1,500
Private / Government From 1301 cc to 1500 cc4,000
Private / Government From 1501 cc to 2000 cc5,000
Private / Government From 2001 cc to 2500 cc8,000
Private / Government From 2501 and Above12,000
Commercial VehiclesMottor Cab Having Upto 6 SeatsUpto 1000 cc600
Mottor Cab Having Upto 6 SeatsFrom 1001 cc and Above1,000
Public Service VehiclesFrom 8 Seats to 12 Seats200 Per Seat
Public Service VehiclesFrom 13 Seats to 14 Seats250 Per Seat
Public Service VehiclesFrom 15 Seats to 16 Seats300 Per Seat
Public Service VehiclesFrom 17 Seats to 41 Seats300 Per Seat
Public Service VehiclesFrom 42 Seats to 51 Seats400 Per Seat
Public Service VehiclesFrom 52 and Above500 Per Seat
Loading Vehicles / Goods VehiclesLaden weight not exceeding 1250 kg 500
Loading Vehicles / Goods Vehicles Laden weight exceeding 1250 kg but not exceeding 2030 kg 800
Loading Vehicles / Goods Vehicles Laden weight exceeding 2030 kg but not exceeding 4060 kg 2,000
Loading Vehicles / Goods Vehicles Laden weight exceeding 4060 kg but not exceeding 6090 kg 3,000
Loading Vehicles / Goods Vehicles Laden weight exceeding 6090 kg but not exceeding 8120 kg 3,500
Loading Vehicles / Goods Vehicles Laden weight exceeding 8120 kg 4,000

Low Income Tax on Vehicles

Activities related to car sale, purchase, registration or transfer all includes tax avoidance depending on the status of person if he is filer or non-filer. The filer will save on a car tax rate as compared to non-files.

Sr. #Vehicles CategoriesEngine Capacity/SeatsFilerNon-Filer
1PrivateFrom 851 cc to 1000 ccRs 10,000Rs 20,000
2PrivateFrom 1001 cc to 1199 ccRs 1,500Rs 3,000
3PrivateFrom 1200 cc to 1299 ccRs 1,750Rs 3,500
4PrivateFrom 1300 cc to 1499 ccRs 2,500Rs 5,000
5PrivateFrom 1500 cc to 1599 ccRs 3,750Rs 7,000
6PrivateFrom 1600 to 1999 ccRs 4,500Rs 9,000
7PrivateFrom 2000 and AboveRs 10,000Rs 20,000
8CommercialLoading Pickup/Mini Truck/TruckRs 2.50 per KgRs 5.00 per Kg
9CommercialPassenger Vehicle (Upto 9 Seats)Rs 50 per SeatRs 100 per Seat
10CommercialPassenger Vehicle (10 to 19 Seater)Rs 100 per SeatRs 200 per Seat
11CommercialPassenger Vehicle (20 & More Seater)Rs 300 per SeatRs 600 per Seat

Low Tax on Prize bond Win

Government by the Revenue Bill, 2020 proposed stronger mechanisms for non-filers to expand the tax base and generate more revenue and files remain intact. In this regard, the tax withholding rate on the prize bond or cross puzzle has been suggested to be increased to 30 percent from 25 percent for non-filers. However, the withholding tax rate for the file has not changed by 15 percent. The huge gap in holding tax rates clearly shows the intention and thinking of the government is that they try to boost the cost of the non-filers transactions and force them to declare their income and assets. Similarly, the fiscal bill also suggested improvements and changes in the withholding tax rates to 17.5% from the current 15% in revenue received by the company from non-fileable immovable property.

Save on Withholding Tax

There are major advantages of being a tax file and the disadvantages of non-filers, after completing income tax returns, the file name will be registered on the applicable taxpayers list (ATL). Similarly, if tax files have the potential to withhold tax, the file will have to pay only half the reserved tax as compared to non-filers. In any transaction conducted by the bank you will be able to maintain the WHT compared to non-filers. Withdrawal (Over $ 50,000): Filer – 0,3%, Non-File – 0,6% Rs. 300 per lac for files and Rs. 600 per lac for non-filers. No taxes are filed on bank transactions (Cross check, pay order, seek draft etc.).

If you own a business and you are a Filer then the withholding taxes will be reduced on your invoices compared to the non-file business. When any business person makes a payment, the following tax difference applies to file and non-file users:

Provided by distributors:
Filer – 3%, Non-filer 3.5% Exports:
Filer – 4%, Non-filer – 6% For Sale Of Other Goods (Exclusive):
Filer – 4.5%, Non-filer – 6.5% Electronic Payment or Print Ad Media:
Filer – 1.5%, Non-filer – 12 to 15% For Travel Operations (Company):
Filer – 8%, Non-filer – 12% For Travel Services (Outside Company):
Filer – 10%, Do Not File – 15% Implementation of Any Other Contract (Company):
Filer – 7%, Non-filer – 10% Execution of Other Contract (Outside Company):
Filer – 7.5%, Non-filer – 10.5% In selling petrol products at the gas pump:
Filer – 12%, Non-filer – 15% a

Low Tax on Funds withdrawal

Although general duties unrelated to any company or organization are currently tax exempt and filers are not required to pay tax even if there is no matching tax for users. These taxes are very high for non-filers and you often put up with paying a large amount of daily services, services and products.

  • On Online money transfer over 25,000
  • Get profit on National Savings Scheme (by Government / private) or Savings
  • Profit on debt paid by banking companies
  • Get Profit on bonds , certificates, debentures, securities etc

These taxes are very high for low-income taxpayers and you often end up paying huge prices for daily services, services and products.

  • On Online money transfer or other electronic mail (Over 25,000):
    • Filer – 0.3%, Non-filer – 0.6%
  • Income on deed:
    • Filer – 10% to 15%, Non-filer – 17.5%
  • Profit on National Savings Scheme or Post Office Savings:
    • Filer – 10%, Non-filer – 17.5% (Over Rs. 5 lacs)
  • Profit on debt paid by banking company:
    • Filer – 10%, Non-filer – 17.5% (Over Rs. 5 lacs)
  • Profit on bonds , certificates, debentures, securities:
    • Filer – 10%, Non-filer – 17.5% (Over Rs. 5 lacs)

Save on Property Buying

On property transfer active tax payer pay only 1% tax against double tax paid by non-filers 2%, and tax filer pay 2% on total amount of purchased property while non-filer again pay double amount 4% on the same property. A non-filer is not allowed to  purchase any property having valued over Rs five million whereas active tax payers are not barred from purchasing any property. The filer pays 10 percent tax on auctioning by government, where as non-filers pays 15 percent on the auction of goods of government and other companies. In simple words you will save taxes when buying/ selling or transfer of property.

  • You will save your money when buying/ selling or transfer of Property.
  • On property transfer tax ratio for:
    • Filer – 1%, Non-filer – 2%
  • On purchase of property (over Rs. 40,00,000) value tax ratio for:
    • Filer – 2%, Non-filer – 4%filers
Sr. #ActivityFilersNon-Filers
1Purchase of Property (over Rs. 40,00,000)2%4%
2Property Transfer1%2%

Save on Vehicle Purchase

You will save much on registration of vehicles and transfer of vehicles. Withholding Tax on registration of vehicle is around 15,000 to 2,50,000 for filers while 25,000 to 4,00,000 for non-filers. You will also save on vehicle token tax being a filer as compared to non-filers. 

  • Annual tax for transporters and transport service providers:
    • Goods transport capacity:
      • Filer Rs. 2.5/kg; Non-filer: Rs. 4/kg
    • Vehicle with weight capacity of over 8,120 KG: Rs. 1,200
  • Passenger transport service providers:
    • Capacity between 4 to 9 passengers:
      • Filer – Rs. 50 per seat, Non-filer Rs. 100 per seat
    • Capacity between 10 to 19 passengers:
      • Filer – Rs. 100 per seat, Non-filer Rs. 200 per seat
    • Capacity of 20 passengers or more:
      • Filer – Rs. 300 per seat, Non-filer Rs. 500 per seat
Sr. #Purchase of VehiclesFilersNon-Filers
1Under 851CCRs 10,000Rs 10,000
2851CC – 1000CCRs 20,000Rs 25,000
3 1001CC – 1300CCRs 30,000Rs 40,000
41301CC – 1600CCRs 50,000Rs 100,000
51601CC – 1800CCRs 75,000Rs 150,000
61801CC – 2000CCRs 100,000Rs 200,000
72001CC – 2500CCRs 150,000Rs 300,000
82501CC – 3000CCRs 200,000Rs 400,000
9Above 3000CCRs 250,000Rs 450,000