Profit from banking

Profit from Banking

Non-filers pay 15% tax on banknotes and savings program and 10% on filers, filers pay 4.5% of the assets on public and private companies as compared to filers, who see files pay 9% tax.

Income Tax on Vehicle

Low Income Tax on Vehicles

Activities related to car sale, purchase, registration or transfer all includes tax avoidance depending on the status of person if he is filer or non-filer.

Low Tax on Prize bond Win

Government by the Revenue Bill, 2020 proposed stronger mechanisms for non-filers to expand the tax

Withholding Tax

Save on Withholding Tax

There are major advantages of being a tax file and the disadvantages of non-filers, after completing income tax returns, the file name will be registered on the applicable taxpayers list (ATL).

Funds Widthdrawl

Low Tax On Funds Withdrawal

Although general duties unrelated to any company or organization are currently tax exempt and filers are not required to pay tax even if there is no matching tax for users.

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