Salaried Persons Tax Benefits

Salaried Persons Tax Benefits

Most taxpayers do not know about the benefits of becoming a working taxpayer or filer, so they do not file income tax returns due to lack of information. However, they are now paying income tax deducted from their salaries. Taxes for leaders are deducted from the source by their employers. But they still look like a non-filer, if they do not file income tax returns or their name does not appear on the ATL list, it keeps them out of file and even with tax deducted from their employers and they end up either overpaying or high tax eventually. Paid individuals can enjoy many benefits simply by file as they pay their taxes. It is compulsory for all paid people to fill out their tax returns and file, whether they are public servants or private. The biggest loss associated with not filing tax returns is that you lose your refund claim, as taxes are deducted from the purchase.



Syed Hamza Ali Shah Posted on4:20 am - May 11, 2020

Hello Sir
What are The Benefits Of Being Filer For Salaried Person In Pakistan And How Can I Avail These Benefits

Syed Kaleem uddin Posted on10:05 am - May 19, 2020

I am tax filer, i have paid morethan Rs 0.2m as fees of my son peranum. Should i pay advance tax of 5% of paid amount?kindly reply me

    admin Posted on10:02 am - May 20, 2020

    If you will pay more than 2 lac fee, you will have to pay 5% as you will be automatically held under section 236.

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