Who We Are

Welcome to Filer.pk! Filer.pk is the first Pakistani site that allows tax filing by people in an easy way. To spread awareness, the concept of the tax system also covers a number of issues. The purpose of this program is to make the tax filing service accessible to everyone at affordable prices to improve the tax filing customs and customs in Pakistan We are a place created by financial and interest experts – we share our unique expertise and knowledge about money and money. We understand that there is a critical need for an online information portal to provide a full-time information bank on Income Tax, Sales Tax, Federal Excise and Corporate Rules for accountants, tax managers, senior executives, advisors and other users to manage tax affairs and organizations. by looking at the latest regulatory requirements. If you are looking for financial related information, we are here to answer your questions!

Our Purpose and Goal​

Our goal at Filer.pk is to be the best online source for high quality, educational content. Increasing fiscal space through better tax management and better use of resources and providing the public with a tax-free environment are priorities. We are also a platform for lovers and aficionados to create original, useful, and in-depth content. To be a modern, developing, efficient, independent and trustworthy organization to monetize high quality services and promote compliance with applicable tax laws, in many cases, we combine our authors and professional editors to create a well-written, informative article.

Our vision and mission is to provide a solid platform for the innocent people of Pakistan where their voices are heard more than ever. Enhance the ability of the tax system to collect appropriate taxes through modern techniques, providing taxpayers’ assistance by building a willing, satisfied, dedicated and efficient workforce. This is where everyone experiences change to share equality across the nation. It does not matter what country you are from or what kind of person you are, one important factor is your upbringing. The world must hear and know facts and figures, no more ignorance and lies.

Why Filer.pk ?

We have a Professionalism.
Availability of team for tax information and business information and real-time commenting.
Create tax custom culture.
Real-Time tax-based support.
Application Manuals in various tax sections (Salary, Tax Withholding and Other Taxes)