Save on Property Buying

Save on Property Buying

On property transfer active tax payer pay only 1% tax against double tax paid by non-filers 2%, and tax filer pay 2% on total amount of purchased property while non-filer again pay double amount 4% on the same property. A non-filer is not allowed to  purchase any property having valued over Rs five million whereas active tax payers are not barred from purchasing any property. The filer pays 10 percent tax on auctioning by government, where as non-filers pays 15 percent on the auction of goods of government and other companies. In simple words you will save taxes when buying/ selling or transfer of property.

  • You will save your money when buying/ selling or transfer of Property.
  • On property transfer tax ratio for:
    • Filer – 1%, Non-filer – 2%
  • On purchase of property (over Rs. 40,00,000) value tax ratio for:
    • Filer – 2%, Non-filer – 4%filers
Sr. #ActivityFilersNon-Filers
1Purchase of Property (over Rs. 40,00,000)2%4%
2Property Transfer1%2%


Hameer Mal Posted on7:36 am - March 17, 2020

I am a Sindh govt employee and my income tax is deducted from my monthly salary but why am I shown non filer???

    admin Posted on2:24 pm - March 26, 2020

    This is because you might not be filing your tax retruns.

Abban Posted on7:48 am - May 12, 2020

Mai ne 2000000 ka plot lia aur mai filer b hun transfer pe kitna kharcha aa jaye ga

    admin Posted on1:35 pm - May 13, 2020

    You will have to pay 1% Advance tax by FBR, other allied expenditure varies according to the provincial government laws of registration of property includes Stamp duty, Dist Council charges etc.

Yasir Posted on5:21 pm - July 14, 2020

Can we claim tax back in past dates?
Example; i was living abroad and purchased a proerty in November 2019. Now, i came to know that foreigners(Pakistani) can also become Filer. There are other needs as well to become filer for me. If i become filer now can i claim back tax i paid on purchased property?

    admin Posted on7:49 am - July 15, 2020

    Yes, you can claim refund.

Touseeq Posted on3:24 pm - November 2, 2020

My age is 56 and I’m employer of Govt of Punjab, My yearly income is just below below tax slabs and I want to purchase house before my retirement after 2 years worth 8 millions
Can I buy that directly or I need to file my returns before that? 30 % of payment for property will be in the form of cash (Kameti system).

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