Profit from Banking

Profit from banking

Filers can get profit from banking. Non-filers pay 15% tax on banknotes and savings program and 10% on filers, filers pay 4.5% of the assets on public and private companies as compared to filers, who see files pay 9% tax . Filers do not pay tax on bankruptcy (bankruptcy check, payment order, and draft) while non-filers have to pay Rs 600 as tax on each bank transaction. On the basis of contracts, those who file do not pay 15% on the other hand and file 7.5% and filers pay 15% on bond bond awards and non-filers pay a 25% tax on the same amount. Similarly, the filers pay 12% tax on the commission amount and the taxpayers or non-filers pay 15% tax on the same. When all this tax is applied

On withdrawals of over Rs. 50,000On Payment Order, Demand Draft or similar tool reaches more than 25,000On Online Money Transfer by 25,000On addition to tax on the sale of the required amount, payment order etc. All banking activities.

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