Save on Property Buying

On property transfer active tax payer pay only 1% tax against double tax paid by non-filers 2%, and tax filer pay 2% on total amount of purchased property while non-filer again pay double amount 4% on the same property. A non-filer is not allowed to  purchase any property having valued over Rs five million whereas active tax payers are not barred from purchasing any property. The filer pays 10 percent tax on auctioning by government, where as non-filers pays 15 percent on the auction of goods of government and other companies. In simple words you will save taxes when buying/ selling or transfer of property.

  • You will save your money when buying/ selling or transfer of Property.
  • On property transfer tax ratio for:
    • Filer – 1%, Non-filer – 2%
  • On purchase of property (over Rs. 40,00,000) value tax ratio for:
    • Filer – 2%, Non-filer – 4%filers
Sr. #ActivityFilersNon-Filers
1Purchase of Property (over Rs. 40,00,000)2%4%
2Property Transfer1%2%

Save on Vehicle Purchase

You will save much on registration of vehicles and transfer of vehicles. Withholding Tax on registration of vehicle is around 15,000 to 2,50,000 for filers while 25,000 to 4,00,000 for non-filers. You will also save on vehicle token tax being a filer as compared to non-filers. 

  • Annual tax for transporters and transport service providers:
    • Goods transport capacity:
      • Filer Rs. 2.5/kg; Non-filer: Rs. 4/kg
    • Vehicle with weight capacity of over 8,120 KG: Rs. 1,200
  • Passenger transport service providers:
    • Capacity between 4 to 9 passengers:
      • Filer – Rs. 50 per seat, Non-filer Rs. 100 per seat
    • Capacity between 10 to 19 passengers:
      • Filer – Rs. 100 per seat, Non-filer Rs. 200 per seat
    • Capacity of 20 passengers or more:
      • Filer – Rs. 300 per seat, Non-filer Rs. 500 per seat
Sr. #Purchase of VehiclesFilersNon-Filers
1Under 851CCRs 10,000Rs 10,000
2851CC – 1000CCRs 20,000Rs 25,000
3 1001CC – 1300CCRs 30,000Rs 40,000
41301CC – 1600CCRs 50,000Rs 100,000
51601CC – 1800CCRs 75,000Rs 150,000
61801CC – 2000CCRs 100,000Rs 200,000
72001CC – 2500CCRs 150,000Rs 300,000
82501CC – 3000CCRs 200,000Rs 400,000
9Above 3000CCRs 250,000Rs 450,000