Mobile Devices Regularization – DIRBS

Mobile Devices Regularization – DIRBS

What is DIRBS:

Mobile Device Regularization – DIRBS stands for Device Identification, Registration, and Blocking System used to identify the non-complaint devices. A strong inflow of mobile phones and their import is in demand in the country. However, leaving noteworthy issues with the grey market and counterfeit devices affecting Government, Distributors, MobileNetwork Operators, and Consumers.

How It Works:

The system uses the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) a 15-digit number that is used for identification of the device. It reveals the device make model and details of type approval, manufacturer, and country of production.

Any person who buys a new smartphone in Pakistan needs to check the phone’s compliance with PTA at the time of purchase. You can check the validity by sending the phone’s IMEI to 8484 by text message or you can check it online at the PTA website. Android users can also check it through by downloading DIRBS android mobile app from the Play Store.

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Advantages Of DIRBS:

DIRBS System helps to identify the illegal devices and the devices which are imported. The copies of the original equipment from official OEMs, Devices whose import tax has not been paid, the devices with invalid IMEIs which are not assigned by GSMA, multiple devices with the same IMEI, the devices that have been reported within Pakistan and globally to GSMA  as stolen or lost these types of devices are considered as illegal or invalid devices using the DIRBS.

Objectives Of DIRBS:

DRIBS  System is used for Identification and approval of Devices in which the device with SIM functionality must contain a unique and valid IMEI, new devices with unverified DIRBS, IMEI / false identifiers will not be registered by the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) on their networks, the retailers and users will identify the validity of IMEI and only the PTA approved devices will be imported into the country and handling of stolen devices in which the introduction of the mechanism by PTA  through which OEMs and operators will be able to notify the PTA of any business being identified by stolen devices, once notified, MNOs will block stolen devices and mobile network operators (MNOs) will notify the PTA of any device connected to their network if reported as stolen are the main focus.

Awareness Through DIRBS:

              DIRBS system is a very informative awareness for consumers and retailers to check compliance. The system is also beneficial for both the retailers and customers in a way they can check the devices is it proper in warranty in PTA or approved by PTA while purchasing new devices.

Darüber hinaus können Verbraucher und Einzelhändler das DIRBS-System verwenden, um sicherzustellen, dass ihre Mobilgeräte nicht nur konform sind, sondern auch für Bonusangebote wie Bonus Online Casinos ohne Einzahlung berechtigt sind.

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