How Overseas Pakistanis can become tax filer?

How Overseas Pakistanis can become filer

Many Pakistani National living in foreign countries may have a question arising in their mind that how overseas Pakistanis can become filer. You can find your answer here:

Do Overseas Pakistanis Have to File Taxes?

Yes, overseas Pakistanis can become filer and every foreign Pakistani has to pay their taxes based on their income in Pakistan. Like many other countries, taxation in Pakistan depends on the individual’s resident status other than the foreign country in which he/she resides. Previously, if someone was held for 183 days (or more) during the tax year, it was assumed that the tax resident would end July 1 to June 30. However, this period has been reduced to four months following the 2019 financial law. This means that for the year 2019-20, a person must remain in a foreign country for at least eight months to claim tax-free status. In addition, Pakistan residents should be aware that their income is taxed. Meanwhile, after filing tax returns for foreign Pakistanis, it is necessary to file an income tax return on income from Pakistan. Non-resident Pakistanis are not obligated to file a declaration of wealth. Foreign Pakistanis file tax returns if the Pakistan-based income is below the legal income tax threshold or in any case. If they need a valid CNIC, they file tax returns to trigger the filer benefits.

How Can Overseas Pakistanis File Tax Returns in Pakistan?

First of all, foreign Pakistanis must get NTN (National Tax Number) and it can be obtained by registering on FBR’s online portal.

You should first check the FBR filer status.

How to Check Your FBR Filer Status and NTN?

You can check the taxpayer status and the NTN using the following two methods:

  1. Type ATL [space] CNIC in a message and send this message to 9966. Please note that do not add any dash, any character or extra space between the numbers because it will not be sent. In a few minutes, you will receive a text message of your taxpayer status. For this purpose, you will need a Pakistani SIM card.
  2. Visit the official FBR website and go for search taxpayers in the navigation panel that shows up on the website. At the top-down menu, select Active Taxpayer (IT). Then you will be asked to type your CNIC and the verification code received in the text message. After entering the CNIC and the verification code, click on Verify and you will immediately know whether your name exists in the ATL (Active Taxpayer List) or not.

If your name is available on ATL but you don’t know the NTN number, click on the online NTN / STRN Inquiry link and get your NTN number. Meanwhile, if anyone has an NTN and no Iris login credentials, log in details can be obtained by clicking on the ‘E-Enrolment for Registered Person’.

Registration for NTN

Foreign Pakistanis, who have not filed their taxes before, are required to register themself on FBR by visiting FBR and click on the registration number. They should fill in the required details to enter the iris system.

The person who is applying for NTN should verify himself with the code sent via mobile phone or email. The person is required to verify himself as soon as possible as verification code works for a few minutes after sent to you.

After completing the ‘Registration Form’, submit it to get your NTN number.

For more information, check out our comprehensive blog ‘How to become Filer’.

Filing Tax Return for Overseas Pakistanis

First of all, log in to IRIS and then click the ‘Declaration’ menu available above. Follow the procedure described and be sure while stating your income from foreign sources in the ‘Other Sources’ section of the website.

Moreover, depending upon the months you spent in Pakistan during the financial year. Depending, choose your status as ‘resident’ or ‘non-resident’ in the ‘Active’ section and enter the required information in the input field.

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40 Responses

    1. You can try it by using any of your family members contact number living in Pakistan and whose number is not registered with FBR, otherwise you will be only registered with FBR when you will have a visit to Pakistan.

  1. i want to apply for NTN number.There are some Queries in address heading and then you put columns down (what type of address you need)
    type: ?
    Measurement unit: ?
    etc … Is it Address ? could you explain please

  2. sir i am working as doctor in saudi arab since last 15 years regularly sending money to pakistan.i have no source of income in pakistan .so i pay no income tax .can i get ntm no . and filer status without submitting any tax because my all income is as expat.i want to purchase a car in pakistan.filer status will benefit me.

      1. Hi Admin,

        I have same question as Sajid, but i didn’t get your answer. Could you please explain a bit of it?
        I’m overseas working in UAE having no other source of income in Pakistan. How can I be a filer? And if I get NTN number do i need to pay any kind of income tax? or any other tax? or I can get filer status without paying any taxes because my income source is outside Pakistan.

        Thanks for clarification

  3. Which income tax form shall be filled and filed online for tax return by a non-resident Pakistani whose Pakistan source income is only the profit on bank deposit which he used to remit from abroad?

    Secondly, the bank already deducted withholding tax on profit. In that case is he required to pay any further tax?

  4. I am working aboard at Qatar then UAE and then KSA since 15 years. All my income is from aboard. The properties in Pakistan I had purchased through my abroad income and out of those properties I am getting rent. Do I have to be registered for tax filer? If yes then what will be process for it.

  5. I am getting msg that I am not EEnrolled with the system after filling all required details on the portal – how can I further proceed to get NTN

  6. Sir I want apply for ntn but I don’t have pakistan mobile sim and I have only nicop card as well as email .but my pakistan origin card poc has been expired

  7. Sir I want apply for ntn but I don’t have pakistan mobile sim and I have only nicop card as well as email .but my pakistan origin card poc has been expired and I want apply for nonresident filer

  8. I want to update my FBR registration with new phone number and new email. I tried many times but it is not working why?

  9. Which income tax form shall be filled and filed online for tax return by a non-resident Pakistani whose Pakistan source income is only the profit on bank deposit which he used to remit from abroad?

    Secondly, the bank already deducted withholding tax on profit. In that case is he required to pay any further tax?

    1. You have to file normal income tax return along with your wealth statement. You will have to give second proof for he foreign remittance that will come to your bank so that bank department will be sure that it is your foreign remittance. As for profit on bank is concerned, bank withheld that profit that will be of 10% and for rate of tax will be 15% so your have to pay balance of 5% tax.

  10. I have only POC (Pakistan Origin Card) and have no CNIC number or Pakistani SIM. How can I become a filerIn Pakistan.

  11. i am a non resident pakistani living in Middle East for last 29 years.

    My only income in Pakistan are dividends from shares, profit on FDs and certain rentals.

    Do i have to declare my wealth statement also? As i believe as Non resident, it is not compulsory, secondly if i declare wealth statement, do i have to show my assets here in Middle East?

  12. I understand from above replies that overseas Pakistani can register with Iris to get NTN with help of relative’s mobile number who resides in Pakistan. However FBR site says “enter registered mobile number with CNIC”, will relative mobile number would be accepted on IRIS for this purpose?

  13. i am overseas Pakistani. I have already filed return of income tax. The form that I used was “return of income filed voluntarily by non resident Pakistani origin person having no income in Pakistan” on IRIS. I did not use the usual normal form. Now I cant see my name on active return filer list on
    What should I do to be part of Active filer llst? Thanks

  14. Hi,
    I am overseas Pakistani. Have filed tax return for last year but still my status is inactive as filer. How can I make it ACTIVE?

  15. I am considering retiring to Pakistan. I am 52 and would like to move in the next few years. I would like to know if I should register as a tax filer. I have lived in the US and my wife will be working there, not me. Also, what are the rules for us as it applies to buying property or a car in Pakistan. I would appreciate any help.

  16. Can a withholding tax on profits from bank be adjusted/refunded against total taxable income of the current year?If yes,then where to mention it?

  17. Me and My wife have an income in USA plus a house. We want to move back to Pakistan after retirement this year. Will have in Pakistan some income based on saving schemes. When living in Pakistan we need to keep our house in USA. Please respond keeping the followings when we move to Pakistan;
    1. Do we have to file in Pakistan Tax return our USA income or Capital (Wealth) Gain Tax ?
    2. We will pay Pakistan Tax on our local income while living in Pakistan ?
    3. Is there any Time Frame for living in Pakistan for avoid any kind of tax on the Income and Capital Gain in the USA ?

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