How to become a Filer in Pakistan?

how to become filer

If you are the citizen of Pakistan, it is your duty to pay your tax. To become a filer in Pakistan, you must have a sim card registered with your own Cnic number, your personal email address, pdf file of Certificate of maintenance of your personal bank account, Evidence of Tenancy/Ownership of business premises in case if you own any business and paid utility bill of business premises which may not be older than 3 months.

Now you must follow these procedures:

  • Obtain an NTN Number (National Tax Number) as this number is required to become a filer in Pakistan.
  • NTN number can be obtained by visiting FBR website and then register yourself by clicking Registration for Unregistered Person tab. Fill the form as it is a simple form. After filling it, it will generate NTN number.
  • NTN number takes a few hours and you will get a unique NTN number at your disposal but now the government is working on converting your National CNIC as your NTN number.

After getting your NTN number, you will have to submit your tax to become a filer. For this purpose you will have to follow these steps:

  • Once you submit all the details, IRIS will confirm that you have now submitted it.
  • After successful submission, you will receive a confirmation email. Later you will be active on the ATL listing.
  • You can also check it by typing 13 digit CNIC number and sms to 9966 to check whether you are on ATL list or not.


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19 Responses

      1. Asslami ALikum dear sir/mam I am a overseas Pakistan from Saudi Arabia kindly check my NTN number 3720245007425

      1. How can a student become a filer.. Can i become a filer through the Online Iris and also i was told i can become a filer by depositing 140 rupees so, where do i deposit and how do i deposit the amount. Kindly advise..

  1. i m living in Qatar as non resident Pakistani and i dont have any mobile SIM in pakistan. how will become filer.

  2. Asalamoalykum,
    A little confused about whether I need to do anything more to be a filer or I have done enough.
    I msged the 9966 number and got the following reply:
    “You are already registered with FBR.
    Please use your CNIC as login ID and Password used for IRIS login as password to check your data
    Thank you for using this service. FBR-GOP”
    Does this mean I am now a tax filer?

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