Tax Penalty on Late filing 2020

Tax Penalty on Late filing 2020

tax penalty

The federal board of revenue has implemented a increase in tax penalty on late filing of tax for year 2020. FBR has introduces total of 8 penalties which will become the part of law as well after parliamentary approval.

For all financial institutions which did not provide their all information regarding their non-resident timely, FBR has introduced four new sections to impose penalty on these institutions as required under section 165B on income tax ordinance 2001. Also, Pakistan is required to share all the information of non-residents with member countries.

To get the requited information on time, government proposed four penalties for non-compliant entities. In case of non-compliance, institution will have to pay a penalty of Rs. 10000 on each default and also addition of Rs. 10000 each month until the default is addressed

Moreover, a penalty of Rs. 50000 will be imposed on false-self certification under common reporting standard rules and the addition of Rs. 50000 once it is not get addressed.

The last date of submission of tax was 8 December 2020 and after that, tax deadline doesn’t exceed. The person not able to submit their tax are imposed a tax penalty of 0.1% of the tax everyday after the tax deadline.


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